Hygiene Patient Care Philosophy

At Carly Peterschmidt Dentistry, we, as dental hygienists, function as preventative healthcare providers. We believe in honesty, quality, friendliness, compassion, and teamwork. We believe that oral health is crucial for overall health and confidence. We strive to provide comprehensive periodontal care within the scope of practice for hygienists at or above the standard of care to prevent and treat periodontal disease, utilizing current, evidence-based strategies. We strive to help motivate patients to take charge of their own care. We help patients strategize how to try different approaches for individualized home care to achieve optimal oral health. We prioritize patient education by explaining why we do what we do. We prioritize patient comfort and strive to build trust and connection for long-term patient relationships. In addition, we believe in the importance of maintaining thorough and clear communication between the hygienist and doctor, hygienist and patient, and hygienist and front office team to achieve optimal care.